DeGen Games

Whitepaper v1.13


DeGen Games is designed by gamblers and gamers with one goal; deliver the opportunity to compete fairly for rewards.  Too many gaming platforms take advantage of a pay-to-win model, where those players with a substantial bankroll have better chances of earning substantial rewards.  We aim to squash this by introducing a truly fair method of reward distribution, Proof of Skill.  All our games can be categorized as “easy to learn, difficult to master”. 

By issuing rewards based on skill, and accumulated wins, every player in every economic bracket has the same chances of winning.

Compare this model to the existing casino dApps, and you will see that their leaderboards, and biggest earners, all have access to large amounts of disposable capital.

As with any blockchain based enterprise, the result for the user is transparency, fairness, and accessibility.

Welcome to Degen Games.

Tronix Platform

With unprecedented speed and a clean and friendly user interface, TRX platform was by far the best choice of infrastructure from which to launch.  Utilizing the TronLink wallet, smart contracts can be executed instantly, and with the network’s user base growing, fees have almost completely disappeared. 

Degen Features

  • Betting with TRX to win TRX

Accessibility is key.  By maintaining a relatively low threshold for entry, we can market to a broader audience.  Most blockchain/crypto enthusiasts are already familiar with TRX, and already have access to an exchange to purchase the currency.  Many gamers have already installed the TronLink wallet and are actively participating in online gambling through other platforms.  This system has been working well, so we will maintain it faithfully.

  • Become a shareholder

Degen Games will issue a TRC-20 token, EDGE, as dividend shares for the platform.  Unlike other sites that simply award shares based on amount wagered, we will issue based on accumulated wins in PvP matches.  This one simple decision completely levels the playing field for all players.

  • Dividends

Dividends will be shared with all players who hold and freeze their EDGE tokens.  A whopping 80% of revenue will be redistributed daily.  Players who earn the top 3 spots on the leaderboard for the day are entitled to 5x, 3x, and 2x dividend rewards respectively. 

  • Referral rewards

Are a cheap and deceptive way to manipulate a higher user count, but mostly just encourages players to create multiple accounts and refer themselves.  This is another broken system within the industry.  We prefer organic sustainable growth, with a focus on fairness.  There will be NO referral rewards, if you invite someone to play, it’s because you enjoy the platform, and believe that they will as well.

EDGE Token

EDGE Distribution
Round Wins/EDGE Rate Max Issuance
1 0.5 200.00% 100,000
2 1 100.00% 1,000,000
3 2 50.00% 1,000,000
4 3 33.33% 1,000,000
5 5 20.00% 1,000,000
6 8 12.50% 1,000,000
7 13 7.69% 1,000,000
8 21 4.76% 1,000,000
9 34 2.94% 1,000,000
10 55 1.82% 1,000,000

10 million total supply.

4% pre-sold to establish bankroll (unless launch title can cover costs, then no presale).

1% held for competition rewards.

5% issued to the development team.


Q1 2019

  • Claim Domain
  • Establish wallets
    • Bankroll
      • Overhead (Bandwidth/Energy/Servers/Domain/Security)
    • Team
    • Dividend Pool
      • EDGE Frozen
    • Current Competition
    • NFT Held for Distribution
      • NFT Submitted (Burn Wallet)
    • EDGE Total
      • EDGE Current Round
      • EDGE Presale
    • Lottery
  • Apply for token on Tronscan
  • Launch Raffle Game
  • Establish Social Media
    • Twitter
    • Discord
    • Telegram
  • Publish Whitepaper

Q2 2019

  • Presale: 4% of EDGE @ 5 TRX:1 EDGE (200,000 TRX)
  • Issue platform invitations
  • Launch platform with 2 new games (PvP)

Q3 2019

  • Launch house games
  • Begin NFT issuance
  • Launch in-dApp exchange
  • Begin PvP competitions

Q4 2019

  • Upgrade graphics
  • Launch new PvP games
  • Launch mobile app
  • Begin advertising

Replay Value

With the issuance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and the launch of an in-dApp exchange, players will be able to buy/sell (with a 1% tx fee)/trade collectibles.  These tokens will have a very limited supply and will be issued/burned monthly as part of a competition.  NFT issuance will be decided by an “achievement” protocol, on a first-come first-serve basis.  Players who collect complete sets of NFT will be greatly rewarded at the end of the competition round.

Once EDGE enters round 3 of issuance, players will have the ability to sell their EDGE back to the house at a rate of 90% of the minimum cost of production.  Tokens sold will be redistributed into the current round.  This allows for a sustained growth of the economics behind the token, as well as allowing a player who has gone bust to continue playing.

Once EDGE enters round 5 of issuance, the platform will enable betting with EDGE.

Community Engagement

With each pending release, players will be able to cast their votes for the future of the platform.  Every decision, from game selection to graphical style will be voted on by the players.  We feel that by allowing the players to have the final say on the direction of the project, we can foster an atmosphere of democracy and invoke the feeling of ownership. 

Launch Game: Hash Raffle

Hash Raffle is a rapid-fire raffle system that is developed to begin a new raffle immediately after one has ended.  This means that the more users that participate, the faster the raffles pay rewards.  There are no maximum buy limits and no time limits.  The game will end when it has sold a predetermined number of tickets.

A total of 100 tickets will be sold for each raffle.  The price options will be 10, 100, or 1000 TRX.  Players will select a number of tickets to purchase and be issued a smart contract with a total cost. 

10TRX Raffle
Round Cost # Total
1 10 100 1000
Total 100 1000
Payout 80% 800
Bankroll 15% 150
Revenue 5% 50
100TRX Raffle
Round Cost # Total
1 100 100 10000
Total 100 10000
Payout 80% 8000
Bankroll 15% 1500
Revenue 5% 500
1K TRX Raffle
Round Cost # Total
1 1000 100 100000
Total 1000 100000
Payout 80% 80000
Bankroll 15% 15000
Revenue 5% 5000

There is no limit to the number of tickets an individual can buy.

When all tickets are sold, a random number generator (RNG) will select a number between 1-100, identify which wallet purchased that number, and deliver the payouts accordingly.  Fast, transparent, and fair.

The winner will be paid 80% of the pot.